Orlando Jones - Bucket Challenge: This is powerful stuff! I did the ALS ice bucket challenge last night and while I think it’s a great cause and a great viral awareness campaign, it’s not something that is near to my heart. What has been on my heart a lot the past couple weeks has been the events unfolding in Ferguson and in this video Orlando Jones does a great job of bringing awareness to the issues surrounding Ferguson.

Well, this was a wonderful way to start the morning: Jeremy Messersmith performing on Letterman!

Minnehaha Falls: First Descent from OGP Productions on Vimeo.


Minnehaha Falls: First Descent by OGP Productions

So, a guy did this the other day on Minnehaha Falls.




Not me.

Rad! I’ve always wondered if anyone had ever done this… Dude broke his paddle, so gnarly!

I discovered the band The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die earlier this year thanks to the Absolute Punk Podcast. Their album The Whenever, If Ever is incredible. It brings me back to the punk/emo scene of the early 2000s, but still sounds fresh in 2014. In this live performance they play the first two songs off their album with the addition of spoken word artist Christopher Zizzamia, who takes the songs to whole other level. Check it out!

When shadows all had clung and the light diminished, he emptied out his lungs, crying “It is finished!”
— Dustin Kensrue (Thrice)

New Haley Bonar! 5/20/14
Haley Bonar
Last War
pre-order the CD/LP/Cassette here: http://www.graveface.com/graveface-catalog.html

Haley Bonar is set to release her 5th full length record, Last War, on May 20th via Graveface Records. Bonar takes a darker sonic direction on the forthcoming album which envelopes her omnipotent songwriting in lush, brooding soundscapes that feature hard driving rhythm sections, soaring synths and snarling guitars. The record was recorded at Devils Workshop, April Base and 606 (Dave Grohl’s personal studio in LA) The cherry on top: special guest Justin Vernon (Bon Iver, Volcano Choir) appears on two tracks adding his ethereal vocal harmonies to “From A Cage” and “Eat for Free”.

Haley Bonar was discovered during an open mic event by one of her musical heroes, Alan Sparhawk of Low. The next day she quit school, crammed her Honda Civic full of gear with her drummer, and was opening for Low across the country she had barely seen. Haley was twenty years old. Since then, she has released four full length albums, several EPs, started a punk/new-wave side project (Gramma’s Boyfriend), had songs tapped for major motion pictures and has had the pleasure to tour from coast-to-coast playing some of the most amazing venues with some of the most talented artists in the world.

New music from PHOX! This song is a JAM! From the debut album PHOX, out June 24, 2014 (US)/September 1 (EU).

Available on iTunes: smarturl.it/PHOX
Available on Amazon: smarturl.it/PHOX_Amazon

PHOX is a bunch of friends from the Midwestern circus hamlet, Baraboo, WI, a place where kids often drink poisoned groundwater and become endowed mutants. They make music that straddles Feist and Monty Python.


Check out Manchester Orchestra’s performance on David Letterman last night. Also, be sure to pick up their new album Cope out today!

"God that was nice!" - David Letterman

Um… new Jack White album anyone? Yes Please! Lazaretto out 6/10!

This is no April Fool’s Joke… Copeland is releasing new music! See for yourself!